Friday, March 18, 2016


I have wanted to get back to this blog for far to long and now I'm back - I finally have a computer I can work from!! :) Yes, your just as excited as I am! 

So what should my first post be ? Will it be enough that people go back to reading ? Will I be able to keep up ? I think I got this ??!! - yes that is a question in a statement... Kind of like that I'm pregnant with baby number two ... Oh shit feeling...

So - what have we missed in the last 9 months since I posted last ? Yeap that is correct - baby number two was carried and delivered in that time...Baby Brooklyn Alma Louise Tetmeyer was born on January 29, 2016. A week over due and quite a few hours less labor than her brother she was a healthy baby girl!!! :) 

So - being a mother of two is really overwhelming in thought but I totally got this. Sure, you have moments of break down but really after 7 weeks of maternity leave, I can officially make it to Walmart, the library and even Joann fabrics with two kids in tow. Pretty thrilling rides usually but when you make it with no tantrums - hey that's really a win !!!r

Today with the two kids and my two god sisters, I managed to cook a nice lunch, nice dinner, Fruity Pebble Bars and Thin Mint Cookies, two batches of cupcakes...might have even caught a 10 minute snooze in there as well !!

Watch for my Potato and Carrot Hamburgers later this weekend !!