Friday, May 9, 2014

Construction Theme Cupcakes

As the weeks go by there seem to be more and more ideas coming to mind for cupcakes. I am very excited about how yummy these turned out!! This week I was approached by a co-worker to make 'Construction Theme' cupcakes for her 3 year old little guy.
While thinking, 'I could always go to the party store and get some stuff', I was also thinking I could dream up something with some fondant props.
Usually it is the order that doesn't start with a solid game plan that turns out to be a favorite. These are super cute!!
I had to include a picture of the little guy that is now 9 months and walking around all the furniture!!
Homemade Chocolate with Buttercream and White with Frosting
(watch for the yummy recipes)

These can be done with just some dollar store toys (as seen in picture above) and a few sprinkles or you can go big and roll out fondant and make cones and caution signs :)
Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxoxo

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