Thursday, October 24, 2013

Frankenstein Pudding Cups

I had a friend of mine's 3 daughters today because I wanted to do a fun Halloween snack with them. We decided to do the Frankenstein Pudding Cups and they loved them!!

We started with the following supplies:

Clear plastic cups
Permanent Marker
Vanilla Pudding
Green Food Coloring
Crumbled Oreos

By looking at this you can probably figure out what to do but just in case..we started by making the faces on the cups then we mixed the pudding with coloring the pudding in a separate bowl, so that the cup can be filled and less mess around the cup. Put the mixed green pudding in the plastic the crumbled oreos on top of the pudding and YUMMY!!
As you can see the orange strips on this cup my mom thought she would get fancy and we had some orange frosting left from another Halloween Treat - stay tuned for the instruction for making Witches Hats :)

Happy Thursday, all!

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