Thursday, August 22, 2013

High 5 for Friday

Today is Friday and I'm back to blogging - what a time to get back into it with mear 6 days
of pregnancy left. Well 6 days give or take some...hoping to take!

What are your Top 5 for the week?

1. false labor - 7 hours of false labor? yeah, that is how I spent my Tuesday night this week. I was really hoping that was it so I finished making out some last minute bills, putting things away, doing Maddox's laundry etc. Dale was prepping to get the garbage out, sprinklers off and fridge cleaned out. He was like a Mr. Mom ! I guess I should have taken some pics because that may not EVER happen again. My husband and housework - don't quite go together...

2. cooked freezer meals - I had went to the store and bought groceries to make 8 freezer meals, LAST WEEK. After my false labor I thought well maybe I should get to moving so I spent one night cooking up meals for us to have in the freezer for when the little one arrives. I will be posting recipes soon!

3. envoy is fixed - My car has been a nickel and dimer this year, after all I did just pay it off so that is bound to happen, right? This months fix was a bad wheel bearing and I can tell you that for the expense it was WELL WORTH IT! I have a quiet car again :)

4. started Christmas shopping - yeap, I'm that girl :) super prepper. I like to have things done in time and I love buying for Christmas so I started with stocking stuffers for my niece and nephew and of course can't wait to buy my little man his first Christmas present :)

5. saw a movie - Dale and I went to see the movie 'We Are the Miller's' - now we loved The Heat but I have to say I really think that The Miller's topped that. HILARIOUS MUST SEE!!

Have a great week and I hope the next High 5 will include the announcement of our son :)

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