Sunday, March 3, 2013

Man and Sandwich Cake Auction Cake

We had the opportunity to make a cake for the Muscatine High School Cake Auction this year for a local business and friends of ours.

Avenue Subs logo is what they wanted so there was some brainstorming and planning that went into this cake. We took some helpful hints from Cake Boss and used the best of our abilities to complete.

While I will admit this really tested some patients it was well worth it :) It was our first cake like this and really not perfect but it turned out pretty darn good. 

We started building the figure buy gluing together PVC pipe and screwing it temporarily to a board to assist for sturdiness. We then started building the figure with Rice Krispie treats and covering with frosting to smooth out the imperfections.

After the Krispies were covered in frosting we starting rolling out fondant and covering it.

The cake stood about 2 - 2 1/2 foot tall.

We screwed a board to hold the sandwich that was actually cake, frosting and fondant veggies.