Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five for Friday

2nd week of january, gone...
my apologies, i dont have any images this week

1. excited about not having any pressing plans this weekend
2. getting ready to paint our kitchen - while this is really not FUN in my eyes, it will be so nice when it is done (4 years after we move in)
3. i plan to make some freezer recipes this weekend! do you even understand how amazing it is to set it out and just throw in the oven, i mean REALLY! do you get it? come to my house - you will understand
4. one thing that seems to follow me week to week is the date i have with my DVR
5. bonding with my husband, he has a knack for woodworking and he has built me a new pantry. i hope to be closer to moving it to the pantry this weekend.

have a good one!

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