Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five for Friday

Can you really believe that Christmas is TUESDAY???? Honestly, it seems like that is all I have been hearing but it truly is true! This year past us all in a great big hurry.

So, this week is the week before Christmas and these are my top five of the week. I am sure next week will be five of the coolest presents that I get :)

1. The kids returned on Tuesday from China, I was able to be at the airport upon their return!!!
Unfortunaletly, with the time change adjustment and the blizzard conditions I have not got to see them much. We plan to spoil them rotten tonight :)

2. So, the reason I was at the airport when the kids arrived was because, Dale also returned from Germany. I absolutely HATE when he is gone. I normally go into this crazy meltdown stage...I think I have Adult Separation Anxiety...S:

I handled pretty good this time - a whole 8 days and we are reunited!! :) Love him!!

3. I ordered one of my favorite lunches in yesterday. They deliver, it gets dangerous!!!!

Avenue Subs in Muscatine - best sandwiches, hands down. Check em out!!

This is a Newell (turkey and swiss) along with their Wisconsin Cheese Soup. MMMMMMmmmmMMMMM

4. We did Christmas with my friends children. For those that know me...two of these girls are more than just a friends children. They are the next thing to my own. I love them dearly!!!!

5. BLIZZARD! This was on my drive home yesterday. There was almost 0 visibility. Which in turn sent me home from work about 2 hours early yesterday. Which in turn meant that I was able to get some things done around the house ;)

Much love!

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