Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flip Recipe Organizer Tutorial

This flip recipe organizer is designed to keep recipes organized so that meal prep takes as little guesswork as possible.  It would also make a great gift for neighbors this Christmas.

You will need the following:

(1) 5×7″ clear acrylic frame
Painter’s or masking tape
A drill with 1/8″ drill bit
Double-sided patterned paper
Additional patterned paper, letter stickers, rub-ons, and other scrapbooking embellishments
Paper adhesive roller
Paper trimmer
Single hole punch
(2) metal book binding rings
Computer and printer
Recipe Card Template

Step 1: Place a strip of tape on the front and back top edge of your frame. Carefully drill holes 3/4″ down from the top and 1-1/4″ in from each outer edge of your frame. (The tape will minimize the splintering that happens as you do this.)
Step 2: Cut a piece of your double-sided patterned paper that is 5×7″. Embellish the lower front portion of this piece as desired using your scrapbooking supplies.
Step 3: Print off your recipe cards, and fill out a number of them with your favorite quick-fix meals. Also print off a number of extra cards (I recommend providing enough cards for at least two weeks’ worth of meals). Trim your cards down with your paper trimmer, and punch holes using the placement guides provided on the cards. Slip your finished embellished paper piece into your frame, making sure it is precisely centered within your frame. Mark the location of the two drilled holes onto your paper, and punch holes at these locations. Replace your paper into your frame, and feed your book binding rings through your drilled holes. Slip your recipe cards onto your rings. You are finished! 


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