Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

I often catch myself thinking of the things I have never done. Like skydiving or as simple as never wearing lipstick. It doesn't take much to suffice me, maybe a craft table, something to decorate, wine and some friends but sometimes you need to think about trying something new. Along with yesterdays post, you can try to change your daily routine or trying something new.

Have you ever played the "I've never..." game?

Some may remember this from a drinking game in college or just a gathering with friends.

Don't get it? here you go, Sit in a circle and one person says something that they have never done - ususally something that alot of people have done - then everybody who HAS done that thing has to                                    .  Fill the blank with take a shot, run around the house with no pants on, etc. I think you get the point :)

This game could even be used (clean version) at a bridal shower or a baby shower!

1. Worn Skinny jeans...until recently

 I never thought I would wear skinny jeans. Number one because I don't have the right figure to wear them. Number two I hate when my pants are tight on my ankles.

I do indeed like this pair of skinny jeans.

Sweater - Target
Gray Cami - Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans - Abercrombie and Fitch
Brown Boots - Younkers

2. Never been so drunk, I barfed (Gross but true)

I am not a fan of strong alcohol. If I can taste the alcohol in a Martini, I most likely won't finish the drink. Hand me a UV Blue and Vodka - I am your girl! :)

I have consumed some alcohol in my day but not enough to get sick! I guess I am a wuss, or just hate getting sick.

3. Been to a college party

As, I never actually moved away to college I have never been to a college party. 

4. Been a bridesmaid

I promise, I do have's just all of them have been married before friendship...

Well, I guess this statement is only true until Tuesday. I am a Bridesmaid in my cousins wedding this week! :)

5. Broken a bone

Yes, for those that know me say this is impossible. My parents have always said my middle name should have been 'Grace'.
Ha, I would tend to agree but I have only had sprains, no broken bones :)

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