Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - Glitz

It's no secret that I am very new to this whole wardrobe matching and coordinating thing, but the support from my readers is showing. I definitely have to put my brain and creativity to use on a regular basis. I have had a blast the last few months blogging and I hope it only gets better from here. It is great to see how many of you love this idea and continue to follow week by week. Thank you for taking the time to get excited about what excites me :)

This week the key piece is the Full Sequin Sweater. It can 'Glitz' up just about anything. Including a White Cami and a pair of black slack 's. I have even wore this over a small dress, jeans and ....yeap you guessed it with leggings. :) While still being very work appropriate it has a bit of a sexy edge...

There is a story behind this wonderful Sequin sweater...My mom and I were Christmas shopping and noticed a beautiful sweater on a lady. Even though we were in a hurry that day, we ran to Express to pick up this sweater. After seeing it was new to the rack and $80, I chose to skip the sweater.

Three months later, after Holiday shopping, this beautiful sweater caught my eye on the 70% rack at Express! Bonus Buy!! :) She's all mine!

Sequin Sweater - Express
White Lace Camisole - Target
Black Slacks - Target
Silver Heels - CATO Fashions
Necklace - Lia Sophia
Goddy Ring - Lia Sohpia

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