Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wardrbe Wednesday - Herbalife

My morning started with a Herbalife Shake - Butter Pecan! It was delicious. Someone told me about these shakes the other day, I thought I would give them a whirl. After my Healthworks assessment yesterday...I am not high risk, however, I have added a few unwanted pounds. I have got to do something to get back down to my normal weight...

Have you heard of herballife? What do you think?

While it is getting very cold here in Iowa, there was snow in some areas last week. UGH! Already?

I have decided that the Christmas stuff is going up! Look for this years theme coming up.

While bright colors are not typical for me this time of year, I decided to go with a bright blue today.

After my return from China, I lost a pair of black pants. The week we returned I caught a sale at Marshall's!!

Scarf - Marshall's
White Cardi - The LOFT
Blue Tee - Old Navy
Black Slacks - Marshall's
Coach shoes - Marshall's

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