Monday, October 1, 2012

Wednesday Day 12 - Shanghai, China

After returning from Beijing, we had to pick up the custom clothes we had made at the Fabric Market. Upon arriving we learn that they didn't have our clothes done yet, since they were promised to be complete on Tuesday; we requested they be delivered that night! Ha, I didn't think it would work but it did. They arrived about 10 pm that night by the owner!! :)

I had 9 pieces made for $200 American Dollars! I was sooo excited! Dale had a custom Hawaian linen shirt made for my cousins Jamaican Wedding :)

We decided to have an adult night for my birthday on Thursday, so we celebrated my birthday with the kids on Wednesday before bed. 

They made me cupcakes! :)

They were absolutely delicious!!! <3

Happy Birthday in English and Chinese!

I am the luckiest girl EVER!!

I got a kiss with this messy face ! :)

And this one :)

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