Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Fall is my favorite season as I love to layer clothes. I love to hid the parts of me that need not be seen!! :)

I wanted to get back to posting an outfit a week, so here I am. Sharing with you what I wore on this fine Wednesday in October.

It is October 24th in Iowa and the temperature outside is 81 degrees! Beautiful.

A girl from work and I decided to order in Jimmy Johns and head to the park to sit and enjoy the nice sunlight.

Leaves falling, runners ruffle leaves, ducks quacking to visitors with bread, the warm sunlight along with a nice breeze, PERFECT! Wednesday truly was the Perfect Fall Day, minus having to return to work in 60 minutes!!

Burgundy Jacket - CATO Fashions
Green Scarf - Target
White Lace Cami - Target
Khaki Skirt - Dick's Sporting Goods
Brown Boots - Younkers

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