Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tetmeyer's First Halloween

The Tetmeyer's First Halloween :) 

This has been a huge year for are a few of our highlights
  1. First time flying for Mackenzie (Boston)
  2. Dale and Mackenzie got married
  3. Dale flew out of the country (work trip to Germany)
  4. We spent 2 weeks in China
  5. Mackenzie officially hit her weight loss goal of 82 pounds
Has this been an amazing year for you? Share your highlights!

While Halloween is not my favorite holiday, I still like to dress up the front porch for the 5 Trick or Treaters we get :)


A Menu 2 Happiness, a Yellow Mum and Small Pumpkin will sure warm up a corner.

I just love this old bench.
I painted some leaves gold and glued them to white pumpkins.

M <3's D

Happy and Safe Trick or Treating!!!

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