Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Do You Blog? - featuring my Father's 'Cookin'

'How Do You Blog??' this was my father's response to me starting a blog. While with most things my parents are 'with the times'...there are some things that they are just plain OUT of the loop. 

As a family we are embarking on a healthier lifestyle which involves cooking more at home, this comes with my father's 'cooking' - LOOK OUT!!! :) 

So, today while at work I get this picture!!
My father says, 'I am making my own blog.' First of all these words just crack me up because every time I take a picture of something he will say, 'you bloggin' that?'

So here is how he blogs...

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich...see him for the instructions, it's a family secret HA!!!!

And for supper...A salad :)

On a more serious note...Diabetes runs very high in our family, I will start featuring more
'Diabetes Friendly Recipes', stay tuned!!

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