Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY Seasonal Candy Jars

I love having different candy jars around the house and these are a very cute and versatile. They used for any season or occasion. Use a different color of ribbon, same colors of candy, etc

Here is what you will need...

3 Candle Sticks, preferably different sized, I have all similar sized
3 Jars, preferably different sized, found at Walmart
6 jar bases, found at Micheals
3 handle nobs, found at Micheals
Hot Glue

While I was so excited to get started here, I neglected to take photos until they were complete. So here they are...

Paint the Candlesticks, bases, and knobs with your choice of color. You may have to use several coats...
Once the painted pieces are dry, glue the knobs to one set of the bases. Then glue the knob and base to the top of the candy jar lid...

Glue the jar and other pieces to the candlesticks, then to the last jar base. I used a jar base on the bottom because they seemed wobbly.

Fill with candy !!! I am going to hand out candy in these this year :)

This is such a clever idea, thanks McKi.

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