Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Fall Table

Do you love to decorate? I LOVE to decorate!

Over the last three years I have accumluated a lot of household decorations. This year there really was no need to purchase anything...but I did. :)

I went to Walmart and purchased the plates and the items to make a chalkboard. (DIY Tutorial Coming SOON)

I have a Brown Leaf charger, orange childrens plate, topped with a small decorative plate. The placemats were also Walmart. This is a very tasteful look.

I propped the Isabel Bloom Pumpkin up on a glass cake pedestal and layed the random leaves, garland and small pumpkins around it.

Don't forget to light a candle on the table, your husband may get the hint for a romantic dinner with half the work already done. HINT, HINT! :)

In all of the images you have probably seen the chalkboard. I made it.
More on this to come!

On the Menu:
Witch Fingers
Bloody Mary Soup
Poison Apples

This is an old lantern my neighbor got me for my birthday last year. I threw a ribbon and some fall garland around the bottom, makes for a nice item on the kitchen counter or end table.

Lastly. have your family and friends join you for a blessed meal. Enjoy those around you!

I want to say my thanks to YOU for reading!

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