Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday Day 4 - Shanghai, China

Following school drop offs we headed back to the apartment complex for a coffee and cookies. The apartment complex has a commons area with a coffee shop and couches surrounded by glass. It was raining and chilly out so this was the perfect fix!

We went to Tianzifang today for lunch and shopping. It is about a 30 minute taxi ride from where we are staying. They have all kinds of shops, a lot of them sell the same things but there are a few unique. I bought a set of bowls, later looked at the bottom to say 'made in japan' - REALLY???!!!! They also have a great Propaganda Store with a lot of really old pieces.

Tianzifang is an arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai, China. It comprises a neighborhood of labyrinthine alleyways, coffee shops and arts & crafts stores.

We ate at Bali Bali. Below is Chicken with a Garlic Sauce and some sort of spicy breading. Again, very good.

This is a Beef dish with mixed greens and a spicy sauce topped with cilantro

These are Mushrooms and Peppers, another type of sauce and seasoning.

No joke, the structures are that close together! No zoom...up close and personal!

We could basically reach out from Bali Bali and touch the neighbors air conditioners...

The 'high wires' (they should call them low wires in China) are that clustered and low hanging. Also notice all of the bicycles and scooters lined up...

We then went to dinner while the IE, Bess, kept the kids ! Not sure that I have talked about The Tetmeyer's IE. In China, families have what are called IE's, meaning Auntie or secondary caregiver. Oh BESS!! She is wonderful!!! She works about 20-30 hours a week doing laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, drop off and pick ups from school, running errands and whatever else they may need assistance with!

She washed our clothes while we visited, made the beds, changed the sheets every other day (it doesn't get done that much at my house), prepared dinners; that were AMAZING! She is great with the kids!! They love their Bess. While I was bribing my nephew to say I was his best-est friend, he continually said BESS!!

When we got home Dale said, 'your nothing like Bess'. While I know he was joking, it is the truth!! :)

We went to Di Shui Dong. I didn't get pictures of much here but we had the chicken below with onions, soy sauce and herbs. We also had Fried Frog Legs, Spicy Veggies, Green Beans with Lamb Meat and Peppers.

These are Fried Bananas covered in Toffee - we were incredibly full but managed to clear this plate as well!

We then went to a very modern bar called The People's Seven. 

A quick story about this Bar...

Walking up about 10 stairs to turn either right or left, straight ahead are nine holes with lights. You put your hand through the holes for a code to open the door to the bar...
On the right, you think the door is opening but it is a mirror - GOTCHA
On the left, the door doesn't open, there are cameras inside the bar and there is someone watching you literally get irritated because the door won't open, after a while they do open it.

Also, in the bathrooms - the doors open backwards...

They appear to be 10 inch thick safe doors and when you open them they are also backwards. The handle is on the right side but the door actually opens on the right. So it is a trick handle...UGH! Having been drinking and doing this was NOT fun! :)

The shot below is Amaretto with a cucumber on top...this was awesome!

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