Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monday Day 3 - Shanghai, China

This was a big day, Lukas man's first day of school!!

Uncle Dale helps put shoes on to walk to school.

Headed to the bus stop and to Lukas' school!

Liesel's school bus is like a tour bus!!

Thumbs up from the little man...

Lukas' school requires all students to wash their hands prior to entering the school. These sinks are outside of the school.

They also have a nurse checking each students temperature and giving them a 'token' to give to the teacher to show they have been 'ok'd'.

Proud Mom and Dad on First Day!

Playing and making friends...

The first day parents are allowed to stay with the child to get them acquainted. Along with the parents, they let Dale and I stay as well.

Lunch was noodles and chicken

Those that eat enough of their lunch will get a desert. Below is a sticky rice with some sort of sweet fruit or paste added. It was actually pretty good. Yes, Aunt Mackenzie tried the rice :)

Each child is provided a back pack. Along with winter coat, puffy vest, 2 shirts, 2 pants/shorts, gym shirt and pants and a hat.

Following school we headed to Lapis Thai.

This is a Spicy Chicken with Peppers.

Chicken on a Stick with a Peanut Butter Sauce

Adults stopped at the Starry Bar for a beverage and Lukas wanted an Orange Juice. Most all juices are fresh, very good!

My sister in law frequents this outside bar between daily school pick ups for a drink. She is on a first name basis with the waitress, Yuki. While we were there I had Lukas one day and we walked down for a drink and she looks to me and says, "Hey there! Is Elizabeth coming today?" HAHA I laughed really hard.

For the record, this is very common for kids to go to a place like this, there are bars with playgrounds!!!

This is Liesel afterschool with her friend, GaChung (not sure if that is the correct spelling), from Thailand.

They were happy to see Uncle Dale afterschool.

This is at another one of the complexes' playgrounds.

A swing - yes, basically a wicker basket on a chain. Cool, huh?

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