Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday Day 7 - Beijing, China

We rode the high speed rail to Beijing. The train average 300 mph in the 5 hour ride. This took us about 1000 miles in 5 hours a normal 14 hour car ride, incredible. 

The kids had a few meltdowns prior to nap time but overall did really well for a two and four old. 

Liesel sat on my lap most of the ride. We played iPad games, watched out the window and had snacks, all with  lots of giggles. 

How can you say no to this face ? :)

And this face...pinch his cheeks cute!!!

Villages and towns were going by so fast it was very difficult to capture. Between Shanghai and Beijing there were so many of the dirt villages you see on TV. You just never know what it is like to actually see the people walking miles to the nearest town for necessities, using an ax or something sharp to cut beans out of a field and literally thankful for the food on the table.

In this 5 hours I really felt like I had everything! I am so happy, blessed and thankful for America!

My husband and I on our honeymoon, a trip half way around the world that we shared with each other.

Another small village

Uncle Dale and Lukas, can you tell he is ready for a nap?? Dale that is :)

I gave Liesel a Nilla Wafer and she sat on the floor to hide from Mommy. This was hilarious! Elizabeth stood up to get her backpack out of the overhead and Liesel immediately hid her head in my backpack! Ha, just love her to pieces!!

Lukas is awake!!!

When arriving in Beijing, we were all hungry so we hit the KFC in the train station. This was funny as my sister in law speaks pretty well Chinese and she was ordering at KFC and wasn't really sure what we got! :)) It ended up to be Spicy Chicken Sandwiches which we good! Thank goodness for pointing to the pictures on the menu!

Upon checking in to the hotel and ventured out on the town. There are little stands all along the rode (similar to a state fair food area) we are staying on. They are selling centipedes, snakes, scorpions, beetles, spiders, scorpions, seahorses and much more in a stick. NO THANK you!!!

BLUCK! more disgusting pictures below!!

This is a central shopping area. People hustling and bustling.

Statue of a rickshaw ride.

The front of a building, most of the historical buildings in China have the same paint patterns. It is gorgeous.

Liesel and Lukas showing me how to go in a squat potty. Yeap, story to come soon!!

Not sure what this means but it is a very popular Chinese pose.

Roasted Duck Restaurant

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant - didn't get any images of dinner. We had a Roasted Duck Dinner. 

Here is an image of the food vendors along the street.

The bathroom in our hotel room. You better hope you know the person well you are staying with, because there is NO privacy!!!

Starfish on a stick

This appears to be a locust on a stick.

Spiders and centipedes below

Snakes on a stick - EWWWWWWWWWWW

Somewhat normal :)

Oranges, Kiwis, Strawberries and Dragon Fruit covered in toffee....on a stick :)

A male entertainer dressed like a women in an alleyway

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