Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Night Treat: Marshmallow Carmel Popcorn

Dale and I went to Iowa City shopping, looking for a cake stand for a wedding cake we have coming up...

....oh and some retail therapy!!! Thank you LOFT and Target for the success.

We were able to try the new Sandwich shop for lunch, 'Which Wich'? The process is very cool -

You have 5 categories of Sandwiches, you choose a brown bag from your sandwich category, like taking a test with a red marker, you fill in the meat, condiments and bread you want - they make it and you enjoy!!

With that we decided to skip supper tonight and make some popcorn (this happens quite often in our house) and watch the Olympics.

Marshmallow Carmel Popcorn 1/2 c. brown sugar 1/2 c. butter 9-10 marshmallows 12 c. popcorn.
Microwave brown sugar and butter for 2 minutes. Add marshmallows.
Microwave until melted, 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Pour over popcorn.

Enjoy and have a great week!

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