Friday, August 24, 2012

Do Frogs Taste as Good as they Look?

I hope these Frogs taste as good as they look! They turned out fabulous, if I may say so myself!!

What a cute way to celebrate a first birthday!!!

White and Chocolate Cupcakes with Fondant Lily Pads and Frogs

I didn't measure how much fondant used on these but there were 55 Frog Cupcakes. Make the Lily pads, either round or we used the flower fondant cutter. The legs on the frogs are about a 3 inch rolled long chunk of fondant. Fold the edges in toward the middle. Use some piping gel to get the head to stick to the legs (or where ever needed). Roll out round balls (about the size of the flower cutter). Cut out more flowers and cut into fourths...the fourths will need to be rolled for the eyes. You can purchase the white and black eyes in the cake section at Walmart.

The only thing better on the cupcakes is if we could have done blue frosting instead of white.

This is a personal 'Smash Cake' for the Birthday Boy. Just a 6" round white cake. Covered in blue frosting, making it not perfect (looking like water) with some Lily Pads and a large frog.

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