Friday, July 20, 2012

Things I love Thursday with Asian Cuisine

Well today, a day late is Things I Love Thursday!! My day was crazy busy - given the day late!
Pinterest :) nuff said, right? IF you have not checked out Pinterest...DO IT!

I was a DIY Bride so a lot of things were done by me and my mother and girls. I wanted to make my own wedding programs - there were SO many ideas and as normal I wanted them to be perfect!! Thanks to Pinterest, I found the perfect design! It was a time consuming chore but well worth it! I loved them.

 I ordered Metallic Black Cardstock Paper from, 200 of Dale and I's engagment print (4x6), 100 - 8.5 x 11white Cardstock, about 6 rolls of white Satin Ribbon from Amazon, and had our local printing company print the inserts to go inside
Along with the supplies I listed above you will need scissors, a million and one glue sticks. Every things is by hand - but really simple. You just need time!

Directions: Glue picture to white cardstock and trim around, leaving enough room for a border. Fold the metallic paper in half and glue the white cardstock with print onto the middle. Glue your inserts to the inside. Fold the program shut, using scissors cut two slits in the top for ribbon. Open the program flat and feed ribbon through, tying a bow to finish!

So given the day, it was definetly a take out night. Muscatine has a new restaurant called The Yacky Shack, it is Asian Cuisine. I am a fan, check it out -
We had some great dishes, mine was Seasame Chicken and Fried Rice....

Crab Rangoon

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