Sunday, July 1, 2012

My First Post!

                             Hello! Thank you for checking out Our Frosted Heaven!!

Since getting married in May, I have more free time. I thought well maybe I should start a blog to show the cupcakes and sweets that my mother and I have been working on. We started taking a cake class in 2011 to create my wedding cake. This slowly turned into people asking us to make them cakes, cupcakes and treats. We have been pretty busy ever since. I will slowly get caught up with all of the cakes we have made through posts as well as post all new. I am excited to start this new journey with all of you - I hope you come back again!!

Above is the first cake we did in our class. It is a classic white cake with icing and a fondant bow. This was our first time working with fondant - thought about giving up cakes that night :)                                         
                                                             See ya soon!


  1. So cool you have a blog! Now we can be blog buddies:)

  2. I look forward to updates on your delectable and your momma are cake wizards!