Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go State!

So many people come to me with a cake order and give me a theme and flavor and say do what you can. I think that is the part of this hobby I absolutely love. To each person that comes to us and has total confidence in us - we thank you for giving us the opportunity to make things like this. I have to say we are very proud of this one....

The only instruction we were given was white cake, double layer and Iowa State for Kevin. I might be boasting a bit when I say, I think we rocked this one!!

So after we decorated this cake, we had dinner prepared by my wonderful husband (meatloaf burgers - see my Mom's Meatloaf and Cheesy Hash for the recipe) waiting.

On the 8 minute car ride the frosting completly fell of the cake. While we look to find the Cyclone completed squished in a ball on the cardboard tray, all the yellow dots on the bottom were like a big glob of yellow - we had to redo the entire thing!! Despite having to redo, we did conquer and it is completed... :)

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