Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gettin' to know me...

I feel that I should take some time to talk about me - I find I like to know more about the person behind the scenes. Here are my 10!

10: Exercise - I feel that this is a very fitting spot for this favorite..since losing weight I have a new found love for fitness. I walk twice a week with my cousin and also started a 5K training program to fill in the other days.

9: Scrapbooking - I love capturing special moments with my camera! Putting them together and reminising the memories is so fulfilling!!! I scrapbook anything and everything I can!! :)

8:  Music - Music is a get a away for me, thankfully I am able to listen to my iPod while working. I listen to all kinds of music - country, pop, rock, oldies but goldies.

7: Cooking - When I met my husband, the last thing I knew how to do was cook. When we bought our house, we decided that making healthier life choices was important. We starting doing really well, I fell off the bandwagon right before our wedding but I am back though!

6: Baking - In 2011 my mother and I started taking a Wilton Cake decorating class and planned to make my wedding cake. This slowly turned into more, which lead to my blog. :) I love learning new things and LOVE working with fondant!!

5: Purses - Well this is a touchy subject :) When I was about 15 and had just got my own car, I would hide new purses in my trunk for about a month and switch them out so my parents never knew when a new purse was purchased! I have recently lowered the inventory to 5 purses! :) I bet it will continue to grow!! shhhhhh

4: Clothes - this one again relates to me losing weight. Prior to weightloss I hated shopping because I had never been able to find clothes in a store. My whole closet was tshirt and gym shorts, now I am able to shop at department stores. Recent favorite department store is Banana Republic. I never had a good fashion sense but I learning quickly!!

3: Travel - In February of this year I flew for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised at my experience. I loved it. So glad because we had already planned to fly to China and Jamaica this year and have a list for the near future!!

2: Friends - I enjoy my lunch dates, road trips, phone calls, even just a quick text to say hello! We have been through ups and downs, kids, marriages and difficult times - still going strong! Love you all!

1: Family - wow, family! This year has been a great family year! From getting together just because to getting together to celebrate birthdays, they are great! My family is my number one. I most recently have a husband and look forward to my own small family some day!

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