Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fat to Fab

As most people in America, weight has always been a challenge for me. Here is my weight loss story.

I started Weight Watchers with a girl I worked with who had all of the books she passed down. I started at 223 pounds, in one month I saw a loss of 8 pounds with the program. In July I had decided I was going to sign up to be a member!!

I was recently engaged and had a wedding in my future. I did not want to get married feeling the way I did. Starting a diet was very difficult for me as my family and I lead very busy schedules and I (at the time) didn't cook. I was also at high risk for diabetes. I had no idea how to correctly portion meals, right nutritional content for foods. I knew I had a long road ahead of me but I was ready to take the challenge.

First time trying on my dress - I was absolutely uncomfortable in this photo. I wanted nothing more than to be healthier and happier. I just wanted to go into a department store and buy clothes from the rack and not online in the Plus section.

I had a lot of learning and exercising to do. I am a very active person just not in the right ways. I had to fight the urge to eat and eating what I wanted was going to have to be limited for a while until I was in control of what I was putting in my body. I had to overcome saying no to going out to eat with family and friends. Instead, I had to learn to cook.

So far since January 2010 on Weight Watchers, I have lost 81 pounds; going from 223 pounds to 142 pounds. As most weight loss stories I have so much more confidence, happier, comfortable and healthier - numbers for diabetes are down!

With losing weight I can now shop in department stores. My favorites are Banana Republic and Express:) Look for my 30 in 30 Challenge with my new wardrobe!! Thank you Katie - :)

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